“A Path Far Traveled” poem and explanation by kendra shiloh

How far should you run from your problems?
Should you chase them out to sea to drown,
then watch in awe as they wash up along shore?
Or perhaps gather lumber to start a fire
and burn your fears instead?
Maybe the answer lies at the top of a mountain;
a year-long trek simply for the breath of a god to knock it off?
Try traveling to the fields
search through millions of daffodils


Only to turn around and see your own footsteps
the broken sandcastles
the forest fires
the landslides
realizing the wreckage you created
is what you are running from.
When will it end?
When the landslides meet the fire
and burn the sand
only to be washed away by the ocean?

Perhaps we’ve been running in the wrong direction all along.

(I started writing this poem as a think piece, I’m not sure how it got here.)

I think we all need time to escape reality for a while. It becomes too much to handle at times, and I think it’s healthy to ignore your problems–but only for a short time.

The longer we run from our problems, the more difficult they are to dealt with. Numbing the pain only makes it worse for when you’re in a right state a of mind.

A solution? Find someone who can hold you accountable. Someone who can be there for you when you need to vent, but also someone who can hold you accountable for your actions and tell you when you’re wrong. Something that I’ve come to learn is that we can’t do it by ourselves, It’s more than okay to lean on others for support, but be sure to find that same love within yourself. That’s much more important.

kendra shiloh


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