Self-Care: How Much is Too Much?|kendra shiloh

I’m all for self-care…the numerous articles I have about it are a clear indication of that. However,  through my unhealthy obsession with social media, I’ve watched the self-care “movement”, if you will, take a dark turn. If you followed all of the self-care mantras and rule books out there, we wouldn’t accomplish anything. The question I purpose today is as follows:

Where do we draw the line?

When self-care begins to hinder your progression, whether it be at school, work, etc, that’s when it becomes too much. Self-care should enhance you, not bring you down. And if you’re spending countless hours and countless days avoiding your problems in the name of “treating yourself”, it’s no longer a treat. It will simply lead to more stress as you struggle to keep up with the rest of your life that didn’t stop on your *extended* vacation.

So, what is the solution?

Taking care of yourself is so important. But what boundaries should we set for ourselves? Everyone is different, so creating a “one-size-fits-all” mold wouldn’t work. But I’ll use myself as an example.

In the past, I used to throw everything onto my to-do list; things that needed to be done today, tomorrow, in a week, a month… definitely not the healthiest thing. And then, in the name of “self-Care”, I would completely neglect everything on my list for days on end. Then I would feel horrible because I accomplished nothing.

To fix this cycle, I eliminating things off of my to-do list, as well as setting limits for myself. For example, instead of attempting to “finish my term paper”, I told myself that I would simply work on it. This slight changed has given me more time to do things that I enjoy, and feel as though I have a better grip on life.

As I said before, not everything works for everyone. Maybe you’re not a list person. Perhaps you enjoy taking some time out to paint, take a bath, run, etc. But use your own judgment. Self-care shouldn’t leave you stressed when you come back to your everyday life. If you reach this point, it’s no longer self-care.

thanks for reading,
kendra shiloh

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