MAKE MUSE magazine review|kendra shiloh

Hi everyone! I’ve been super excited to share this post with you all, it’s been a few weeks in the making!! The creators over at Make Muse just launched their FIRST EVER print magazine, and I’m so excited to share it with all of you.

What is Make Muse?

Make Muse is an online (and now, print!) magazine created by a team of powerful women who are smashing societal standards through poetry, articles, art, and more. There aren’t many magazines targeted toward the 18-24-year-old range, and Make Muse is changing that. Make Muse is challenging young women to express themselves and break barriers, despite how many odds are against them.

You can buy the magazine here.


I’m gonna focus on a specific piece in the magazine that resonated with me. But there’s a bunch of amazing articles in the magazine, so I’m sure you’ll all find one to love!

“The Rules of the Nighttime Treaty” by Caitlin Panarella is one of my favorites in the magazine. The poem is located on pages 90 and 91, and focuses on the fears that many face at night due to the rising issue of sexual assault. On the first page, Panarella described the overwhelming fear and anxiety she has faced in the nighttime; afraid that she could be next. At the beginning of the second page, we see a switch: she sees another woman and feels a sense of relief. But this quickly fades, just as it does in real life. That woman may have the same fearful thoughts; simply praying to escape the day.

At the end of the poem, Panarella brings up an interesting point. We don’t know how many times in a day we’ve escaped a bad situation. Turning a street corner or walking into a store ould the difference between survival and a situation that could scar you for life.

This is a fear that’s become way too common, and many feel helpless because they feel as though they don’t have an outlet to speak out. But we all have an influence on someone, whether it be online or simply the people around us. If you want to speak out against something, do it. Use your talents to make a change.


I’d love to talk about every piece in the magazine, but that wouldn’t leave much for you guys to read when you buy it!

Here are some pieces that are definitely worth checking out:

  • “Bees.” by Maura Sheedy (pg. 19)
  • “Captivity” by Sienna Brancato (pgs. 28+29)
  • “The Female Career Path by Kelly Friday (pg. 41)


The beautiful people at Make Muse gave me a free magazine to give to one of you! Here are the rules:

Tell your friends!!! The giveaway ends on December 10th.


Make Muse is always looking for fresh, new content! If you have an idea and want to share it with the beautiful Make Muse community, please submit your work here.

Also, my poem “A Verse of Imbalance” is on their site! You can view it here.

Thank you guys so much for reading, be sure to check out Make Muse!

-kendra shiloh


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