lessons learned: vegetarianism|kendra shiloh

Hi everyone! This post isn’t about a life-changing experience or anything of the sort. I was a vegetarian from November of 2016 to about April of 2018, and the decision to do so didn’t have much thought behind it. It was the day after Thanksgiving and I decided I wanted to be vegetarian. So I did.

I grew up in a household with parents who didn’t eat red meat, so I never ate meat– except the occasional hot dog at family cookouts. So basically, the only things I cut out were chicken and turkey (I’ve never been the biggest fan of fish). I never really longed to eat the things I used to while during this year and a half period; but whenever I did I found substitutes. 


tomato basil & mozzarella flatbreads. I never thought I’d like something with tomato as the main ingredient, but this has definitely become a favorite. (Tip: dip it in balsamic vinaigrette).

modern greek with quinoa salad. This salad is from Panera Bread, but any greek salad is pretty good to me.


falafel and quinoa balls. This is basically the vegetarian version of a meatball, but trust me, it’s nothing like a meatball. If you like veggie burgers maybe you’ll like these, but they’re definitely not for me.

tofu deli meat. So I wanted turkey one day, and I had seen these tofu turkey slices in the store a few times so I gave them a try. I couldn’t even get through a full slice, and no matter what else I ate and how many times I brushed my teeth I felt like the taste was embedded into my tongue.

Here’s my advice to anyone wanting to try the vegetarian lifestyle: don’t do what I did. Cutting everything out at once is difficult, and you’d probably be better off cutting out meat little by little. Also, being a vegetarian doesn’t necessarily translate to “healthy”. Make sure you’re getting your protein intake (nuts, quinoa-, greek yogurt and great sources)!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! If any of you have more questions about vegetarianism, comment them under this post or ask them on the contact page.

-kendra shiloh


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