Summer Skincare Routine with Neutrogena!|kendra shiloh

Hi everyone, I worked with Neutrogena to bring you today’s post! Skincare has always been super important to me, and I’m constantly trying out new products to better my routine. Summer is finally here, and I’ve developed a new routine using Neutrogena®”s Acne Proofing Gel Cleanser and Daily Scrub to share with you all!

The first product in my summer skincare routine is Acne Proofing™ Gel Cleanser.  This product is an oil-free face wash for acne-prone skin, perfect for my combination skin. It’s super easy to use: I wet my face, then pour about a pump and a half into my palms then massage it into my face. I wash it off and pat my face dry, then onto the next step!


The next product in my skincare routine is the Acne Proofing™ Daily Scrub. This scrub keeps my skin super soft, and doesn’t dry it out like other scrubs I’ve tried in the past. First, I wet my face then apply about a quarter-sized amount of product onto my face. After that, I massage it into my skin then rinse. And to finish off my routine, I apply witch hazel then coconut oil.

I love working the Neutrogena because they put so much work into their products, making their skincare suitable for the most sensitive skin. The Acne Proofing™ Gel Cleanser and Daily Scrub are made with  ClearDefend Technology™, which means these products gently eliminate dirt and fight acne, while fighting against future breakouts.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! If you would like to purchase the Acne Proofing™ Gel Cleanser and Daily Scrub, you may do so here.


-kendra shiloh

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  1. SandyEblog says:

    That’s awesome! Ive been meaning go update my skin care routine as it is a little all over the place lol


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