How to Bounce Back From a Depression Relapse|kendra shiloh

Hi everyone! As you all know, I love talking about my life experiences, especially when it may benefit someone else. Today I want to talk about depression, more specifically relapsing.

Relapsing is a completely normal part of progress. Progress isn’t linear, and setbacks will come and go. Recognizing that you’re in a relapse is even a step in the right direction! You’re recognizing that the way you’re feeling is such a drastic change from what you’re used to feeling, and you’ll want to get back to those high times again. These are a few things that help me when I go through a relapse, and hopefully they’ll help you too!


  1. Music

Music!! I’ll be the first to say I’m guilty of listening to sad songs when I’m sad. And what does this do? Make me MORE sad. I have a few go-to playlists to listen to when I’m feeling down that get my spirit up. Try listening to your favorite artist, or music from a happy, nostalgic time in your life. If you want to listen to some new music, I have a few public playlists available here.

2. Exercise

This seems like a given, right? But working out is something that helps me a lot.  My worst spells of depression tend to happen when I have a bad self image. And yes, you should love yourself the way you are, but there’s nothing wrong with working on your body to make yourself happier. Setting smart, attainable goals are a great way to get out of your depressed spell.

3. Lists

Making lists are one of my favorite things to do. Things tend to seem much bigger in my head than they really are, and writing down everything that I need to do helps me to de-stress. Making a pros and cons list is also a great option. I would suggest having someone who knows you well help you with the list, like a close friend or family member. Our own opinions tend to be a bit biased, and seeing it from someone else’s perspective helps SO much.

4. Helping Others

Helping others never fails to make me happy. Whether it’s listening to a friend vent, babysitting, or just volunteering at my church. Making someone else’s day better makes mine better, and it makes me feel more accomplished. At times I feel so though I have no impact on anyone, at least not a positive one. But helping someone always makes me feel like I’ve done something for the greater good.

5. Take a Break

Take a day off from your daily routine, and take care of you. I’ll admit, this was and still is a difficult thing for me to do, but I’ve come to learn that we all deserve a day of rest. I love taking the time out to watch a few YouTube videos, eat some of my favorite snacks, and do a face mask. Try out a new recipe, if that’s your thing. If cooking may stress you out, that’s okay! You can always order food 🙂

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, and this isn’t clinical advice. These things work for me, but they may not work everyone. But that doesn’t mean they’re not work a try!

-Kendra Shiloh


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