Passions/Problems-Where To Draw the Line|kendra shiloh

Throughout my life, I’ve developed quite a few passions…most of which have become occasional hobbies. And often times, I struggle answering this question for myself: “When it all too much?”.

Today I’m sharing a think piece with you all, in hopes of inspiration.

My passions stress me out all too often. Maybe it’s my workaholic tendencies or my unrealistic desire for perfection. I’m not too sure yet. I always try to push myself to do better; to be better. And when that voice in the back of my head says “I don’t want to do this, I don’t enjoy this anymore”, I take it as ” Kendra, just push yourself!”. That’s when I start to lose my drive to do the things I love: when I force myself to do them.

If you feel as though you’re falling out of love with your passion, take a break from it. Because when it becomes a chore, when you feel like you have to write that poem or play that instrument, you start to lose the love for it. Taking a break from doing something you love is perfectly fine, and that’s something I definitely needed to realize.

For example, I’m currently taking a break from writing poetry.  And in all honesty, hat “break” is dragging on a bit longer than it should. To fix this, I’m going to start carrying around my journal with me at all times again. This way, when I have an idea, there’s no excuse to not write it down.

I may even take a short break from this blog. I’d rather take a week or two break from posting, than continue to put out content I’m not proud of. Forcing myself to produce content twice a week takes the fun out of it, the passion. It just becomes another assignment on what seems to be a never-ending to-do list.

And I’m not saying to give up on your passions the second you lose a bit of motivation. We should all push ourselves to do more, and pursue the things that make us happy. However, when our passions turn into problems, it’s best to sit back and relax. And you’ll come back 10x stronger.

-Kendra Shiloh


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