Applying Skincare Products in the Correct Order (and why it’s important)|kendra shiloh

Hi everyone! Today I’m gonna talk about skincare. In the past, I applied my products in any order, and then wondered why they had no effect on my skin. But through trial and error and a bit of research, I’ve learned the correct way to apply my skincare products. And I’ve gonna share my tips with all of you!

(1) Cleanser


Using a cleanser should always be the first step in your routine. A cleanser ensures that you’ve taken off any makeup that might still be on your face. It provides a fresh, clean base for the rest of your products.


(2) Toner


Toning is kinda like the final step of cleansing. Toners restore your skin’s pH, and balance everything out. Toning is essential, especially if  you wear a heavy moisturizer or sunscreen.


(3) Serums


Serums are relatively thin compared to the other products in your skincare regimen, so they should be applied before the heavier products, like creams and moisturizers. It’s a nice layer to add after a toner to hydrate the skin, because toners tend to dry out the skin a bit more than other products. Serums contain more active ingredients than creams, so they’re great for targeting specific skin concerns.


(4) Eye Creams


Eye Creams are usually pretty thick, but you’re only using a tiny bit so that’s why it goes before moisturizer. If you put an eye cream before a serum, you’re blocking the serum from getting to that part of your skin.


(5) Moisturizer



Moisturizers are one of the thickest products in your routine, hence why it should be towards the end. Moisturizers should go after toners and serums to restore any moisture that the toner may have pulled out of your skin, and lock in the serum.


(6) Face Oils



Applying oils should be the final step in your skincare routine. The oils can seep through the layers of product you put on before, where as if you did it the other way around, you wouldn’t get the full benefit of the oil you’re applying.

Hope you enjoyed this post! I would love to make this a little series on here, where I talk about developing the best routine for various things. Let me know if you would like to see that!

-Kendra Shiloh


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  1. Hey this was really informative! really enjoyed this ❤ please check out my blogs as well!


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