My 7 Favorite Black Beauty Gurus//black history month

Black history month is winding down,  but I still have two more posts left! Since you guys loved my post about Black-Owned Beauty Brands, and wanted to share a few of my favorite beauty influencers.

Alissa Ashley

alissa ashley

Alissa Ashley has some of the BEST visuals out there. She recently hit 1 million subscribers, and is known for her makeup tutorials. Her most recent collab is her Elf x Alissa Ashley gloss.

Arnell Armon


Twin of Alissa Ashley, Arnell Armon is known for her wig reviews, hair and makeup tutorials, and lookbooks.


Jackie Aina

jackie aina

With 2 million+ subscribers, Jackie Aina is known for her opinions. Despite whether the products were sent to her or not, Jackie Aina tells the 100% truth on every review.



krissy kakess

Krissy Kakess is a blogger and is working on growing her youtube channel. She posts makeup tutorials, lookbooks, and more on her blog,


Jasmine Brown


Known for her curly to straight hair videos, Jasmine Brown creates makeup and hair tutorials. Her latest collab is her Jasmine Brown x Eylure lashes, which are in stores now.


Nyma Tang

nyma tang

Nyma Tang is definitely someone to watch. Her “The Darkest Shade” series has gained some attention, Nyma highlights brands who include her shade–and weighs in on those who do not. She continues to provide makeup tutorials her others who share her complexion, while uplifting brands who include all shades of the spectrum.

Wanna check out another black history month series? My poem “Blatant Lull” was featured in the black history month online series by the Youth National Organization for Women! Take a look here.

-Kendra Shiloh


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