three poems//black history month

Good Morning! From now until the end of February, all of my posts will be centered around Black History Month. I’m so excited for the posts I have coming up, and I can’t wait for you all to read them!!

As some of you may know, I love poetry. I’m going to share three poems, all of which are included in my upcoming book. I’m not going to give an explanation for any of them, I want them to be up to your interpretation. I’m so happy to be sharing these with you all, I hope you enjoy them!


why should i
write poetry about you
pour my heart out to you
when you won’t answer my calls
when you fail to acknowledge my mere existence
when you tear me apart piece by piece
then leave me instructions on how to put myself back together
then come back in the nick of time
to help me just enough
just enough to leave me on the edge of a breakdown
just enough to blame it all on myself
but not enough to leave

i should write poetry about you
because you’re part of me
and maybe that’s why i dislike you so much

flower girl.
like a marigold
I grew quickly in the spring and died in the winter.
perhaps my provider lost hope in the ground in which I was planted years ago,
and lost the passion to plant more seeds.
I am forced to grow with the battered broken seeds,
break through the cold ground.
I am very unsure how to do so.
to give up would be a terrible thing
I refuse to satisfy anyone but myself.
And I sure as hell will never satisfy you.



from a young age
the stars always fascinated me.
I formed constellations in my mind;
clusters of complexity
even I struggled to imagine.
as I grew,
I shared my stars with everyone
anyone who showed interest;
only for combustion to occur.
But I took all my constellations,
My deep intricate constellations,
and shared them with you
And I’m well aware of the lifespan of my constellations,
But I’ll continue to add stars,
Because I want to hold on the hope.

I refuse to let my happiness die with the stars.


-Kendra Shiloh



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