Nighttime Skincare Routine (featuring tanna beauty+wellness)

Good Morning! I haven’t posted a skincare routine in a while, and I’ve switched up a few things. This post features products from tanna beauty+wellness, and I’ll also be doing a short review of each product as I show you my daily nighttime routine. Tanna Beauty+Wellness originally started as a blog, and it has became a skincare and wellness line. All of the products are 100% natural, and the ingredients aren’t only good for your skin, but good for your overall wellness.

First, as mentioned in my previous routine, I wash my face with Black African Soap,and I do this step in the shower. The brand I use is Dr.Kay, and it’s the the liquid form. This leaves my skin feeling a little “slippery”, but the products I use after fix that.


Next, I go in with Clean. Clean is a facial cleansing dust that works well for all skin types. To use, mix a quarter sized amount with paste, and mix it into a paste. I rub it into my skin for a bit, then rinse with warm water.


Third, I use Flora Mist, a facial toner. It’s made with lavender, sage, neroli, and other natural ingredients.  Out of the three products I’ve tried, this one is my favorite. It contains aloe vera, which is great for healing dark spots and witch hazel, which helps to balance and tone. I spray about four times, one on each cheek, forehead, and neck. I pat it dry with my hands, then follow next with the Beauty Oil.


The Beauty Oil is an oil that’s not only great for your face, but for your hair and body. it’s a mix of essential oils; hemp seed oil, lavender seed oil, cardamom essential oil, just to name a few. I put about two pumps in my hands then massage it into my face, and if I need a third pump I’ll do that.

After this I add just a drop of tea tree oil onto problem areas. In the morning, I use either the beauty oil or tea tree oil, and the black african soap.

That’s about it for my nighttime skincare routine, I hope you all found some new products to try out! Tanna Beauty+Wellness is a great brand, and I’ll definitely be trying out and reviewing some of her new products when they’re released.

-Kendra Shiloh


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  1. […] I had the opportunity to work with Tanna recently, and she’s such a sweet person who puts so much time and effort behind her products! I tried out a few of her products, and the toner was my favorite! It’s super hydrating, and it’s a great thing to add to your routine. Check out my skincare routine using this product here. […]


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