7 Common Foundation Mistakes (and how to fix them)

Foundation isn’t something that’s perfected overnight. It takes trial and error; finding the right shades, the right tools to use, etc. And we need to have a good bases to start off, right? So I’ve gathered a few of the most common mistakes we all have made when apply foundation, and how to fix them.

NUMBER 1: finding the right shade.
This sounds like a given right? But you could have a foundations that’s only a shade too light a shade too dark and it could ruin the entire look. Despite what undertones the foundation has, certain things remain constant. Lighter foundations tend to look gray and ashy, while a foundation that’s too dark will pull the orange tones in your face out. Too avoid this, pick about 3 different shades that’re close to each other and one of them should fit.


NARS Radiant Creamy Compact Foundation

NUMBER 2: testing in the wrong light.
Often times, the lights at makeup counters can be a lighter harsh, and you’re not going to experience that lighting everywhere you go. Test the foundation in natural lighting, to see how it would look in everyday wear.

NUMBER 3: swatching.
Your hands aren’t the same color as your face, and what matches your hands might not be a good fit for your face. Instead, swatching on your chest will give you a better color match. The center of your face is the most important when it comes to makeup, and the center of your chest is the same color as your face.

NUMBER 4: tools.
The tools you use when doing your foundation can have a HUGE effect on how it turns out. For light, for natural looking coverage, use a beauty blender. Beauty blenders work well with just about any foundation, whereas brushes don’t always have the same effect. Flat brushes work well to blend out cream, liquids, and stick foundation. Synthetic brushes adhere to cream products as well. Morphe has a lot of really nice brushes, both synthetic and natural.

NUMBER 5: flashback.
SPF is the main cause of flashback in foundations. That’s also why brands often don’t include SPF in their darker tones, to avoid extreme flashback. This doesn’t mean you should avoid SPF all together, but use it in small amounts. Also, read the ingredients in your powders, concealers, and foundations. Silica powder, mica, zinc oxide, and titanium dioxide are known to cause flashback as well.

NUMBER 6: skipping primer.
DO NOT SKIP PRIMER!!  Having a good base is just as important as what’s on top. The smoother you get your skin with a moisturizer and primer, the smoother your foundation will apply. The Smashbox Iconic Photo Finish Foundation Primer and Benefit Porefessional Face Primer and two oil-free primers that are suitable for all skin types.

NUMBER 7: mixing ingredients.
Don’t blend silicone based primers with water based foundations or oil based foundations, and vice versa. Mixing these ingredients will break up the makeup, and cause it to crease. The Luminous Blur Stick Primer by Milk Makeup and the Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation by Fenty Beauty are both oil-free formulas, so they should work well together.

Reading the ingredients is key!! Pay attention to what your buying and how it’s made, and you’ll be fine! I’m planning on doing this for other elements in the makeup routine, like eyeshadow, brows, etc. so if you’ll like to see that let me know!

-Kendra Shiloh



  1. SoDazzling says:

    These are some great tips! I’m fairly new to doing my own makeup and I’m pretty sure I’ve done some of these wrong lol.


  2. iamtinu says:

    True talk.. I love the tips👍👍


  3. iamtinu says:

    I love the tips👍👍


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