Good Morning! For today’s post I wanted to share my favorite scents from Bath and Body Works with you all. I love this store, just walking in makes me so happy! My favorite scent is vanilla so anything with vanilla in it is already a plus. I did include a few non-vanilla scents in the list though:

Warm Vanilla Sugar: I love this scent SO much. It’s a vanilla, flowery scent and it’s not too light, but not too overpowering either.

Comfort-Vanilla & Patchouli: This is part of the Aromatherapy series, and I personally have it in the room spray form. It smells really good, but it can be a little overpowering if you spray it more than twice.

Energy-Orange & Ginger: This scent is also a part of the Aromatherapy series, and this scent is SO STRONG. It definitely lives up to it’s title. I love the scent of orange, it’s so powerful and distinct.

Vanilla Bean Noel-This is such a good scent for the winter/holidays! It’s a very sweet smell, kinda like cookies. I bought a similar shade called “Wrapped in Sugar”, but I can’t find it on the website. It’s part of the signature collection and I bought it last year, so maybe it’s not available anymore.

Pearberry– I’m not a big fan of pear so when I tried out this scent I was a little apphrensive, but I love it now! This a lighter, floral-fruity scent, great for the spring and summer.

That’s it for this post, I might make this a seasonal thing, if you guys wanna see that.

-Kendra Shiloh


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