I was recently a part of Neutrogena’s “Healthy Skin For The Holidays” campaign (view the post here) and I got to try out the “Healthy Skin” liquid makeup foundation. Foundation’s not really a part of my everyday routine, I usually just wear concealer. But this foundation is SO GOOD. Just for reference, I’m in the shade “Chestnut 135”.

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PROS: Works well with every concealer I tried it with, buildable, DOESN’T oxidize. Also, my skin feels so soft after using it. I was trying to figure out why my skin’s been so soft lately because I haven’t really changed my skincare routine, but it’s this foundation. I also recommend using this foundation with the “Healthy Skin Primer”, but I imagine it’ll work well with any foundation.

CONS: I only have two issues with this foundation, first of which being the bottle. A lot of product comes out at once, because the opening is so wide. Also, tis foundation doesn’t blend well with a brush, a beauty blender works a lot better.

OVERALL:highly recommend this. This post wasn’t sponsored, although tis product was sent to me I’m under no obligation to talk about it outside of the campaign. I really think this is a great product. It works well with other makeup brands, and most importantly is good for you skin. The foundation is about $15, and you can buy it here.

-Kendra Shiloh




  1. Sela says:

    Great review. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  1. […] really like it. So the Healthy Skin Brightening Eye Perfector was sent to me as part of the “Healthy Skin for the Holidays” campaign with Neutrogena, and I was really hesitant to use it because the product only comes in […]


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