5 Fashion Trend Predictions for 2018

For today’s post I collabed with sxphia(@sxphiabb on insta), to talk about our predictions for this year in fashion. We’re only about halfway through the first month in the year, so I think these kind of posts are still great to see! Sxphia and I both have some high hopes for fashion this year, and although our writing styles are a bit different, we’re excited to talk to you all about our predictions for fashion in 2018!


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We saw plaid be incorporated more and more as the year started to end, and I think it’ll be pretty big this year. I personally love plaid, it reminds me of Clueless and I love the look. I think it can be incorporated into just about everyone’s style, and that’s hard to come across. And while an oversized flannel is still very cute, we’re starting to see plaid in other pieces, like jackets and my next bullet, trousers.


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Trousers were big for about half of 2017, and I think the trend will definitely continue. Business wear is being incorporated more into everyday style, and I love that! I like the structured look and sharp lines. When we hear “statement” in fashion we usually think of accessories, but it’s nice to throw pants in the mix. I’m ready to see this more in the year.

Now for sxphia’s predictions:


Just like Rihanna’s Fenty Dress above, I think this year people are going to be experimenting with how they wear clothes. I don’t think it’s going to be a simple put it on and off we go. I predict (look at me being a fortune teller, hehe) that we’ll begin to layer our clothes. For example, like the dress above, people will put dresses on top of jumpers, sweaters, tops. This trend has been around for a couple of years but 2018 is when people will probably take it to a whole other level!

Statement Accessories:

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From hats to glasses, to ring sets – accessories are going to be massive this year (for me at least)! I reckon accessories are going to be the main event of people’s outfit. This has been something that has snuck in oh so quietly. However, I hope more and more this year people will be blinging up and accessorising. As long as we don’t go overboard, this should be OK. Ring sets are definitely becoming my thing. I love having a minimum of three and maximum of infinity rings on each hand. It’s great! Hats are another accessory that I think will be very popular this year. Slogans and statements like ‘Team Unicorn’ will be paraded by many I’m sure! All over Instagram you have these ‘baddies’ rocking caps and non-prescription glasses. I love it! This will definitely be seeing itself in 2018.

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Glitz and glam is a common favourite among many. I’ve recently seen glitter tongues on Instagram. Not too sure how long that’ll last to be honest but it may be a festival trend, who knows? In Britain Marmite is often described as something you either love or you hate and it’s the same with glitter. Some people can’t stand it and others embrace it. I do think glitter will be a short lived, but also a fun thing to try. I’d love to see people go glitter crazy this year though!
Those are our predictions for 2018! Be sure to follow sxphia on:
-Kendra Shiloh

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