I had the chance to try out the Vanity Planet “Zen Goddess” green tea clay mask, and I love it!  I’ve used it three times since receiving it, and I’m going to continue to use it at least once a week, maybe twice. The instructions are really simple:

  1.  Take half a tablespoon of the power and mix it with water. It doesn’t say how much water, but I normally use a tablespoon or two.
  2.  (Optional) add in apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, or any other essential oils you like.
  3. When it starts to dry, wash it off. Don’t let the mask dry completely,  because then it can have the opposite effect and dry out the skin.

PROS: really hydrating, all natural ingredients, green tea regulates imbalances in the skin

CONS: dries REALLY fast, so you have to watch it constantly to make sure it doesn’t start to crack.

The mask is $22 for a 28.35 gram bottle, and you can buy it here.

-Kendra Shiloh


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