New Years is coming up! Today I’ve rounded up my top ten dresses to wear to a New Year’s Eve party. And while I chose these dresses to be worn on New Years, they can be styled for any party this season, as well as throughout the year.


1) PLT Black Lace Skater Dress: $45


Rose Strappy Velvet Wrap Midi Dress

2) Misguided Rose Velvet Midi Dress: $43


Soprano Sequin T-Shirt Dress

3) Soprano Sequin T Shirt Dress: $65


4) Windsor Burgundy Velvet Midi Dress: $36.90


5) H&M Fitted Lace Dress: $40


6) Charlotte Russe Shimmer V-Neck Romper: $21



7) Forever 21 Striped Sequin Cami Jumpsuit: $68



8) Forever 21 Ornate Mesh Dress: $68


Product imageProduct image

9) Express Velvet Jumpsuit: $44


Sadie Dark Rose Lace Bodycon Dress

10) Tobi Dark Rose Lace Bodycon Dress: $35

-Kendra Shiloh


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