I’m constantly looking for posts like these, and since all of you seemed to enjoy my last post of this kind, I’m bringing you another! I’ve created a list of 51 blog ideas for the holiday season for lifestyle, fashion, and beauty bloggers. Hopefully, you can use these ideas on your own blog, or maybe these ideas will spark some of your own!


  1.  share your favorite holiday memory
  2. create a Christmas shopping checklist
  3. share your top 5 Christmas songs
  4. how to host a Christmas/NYE party
  5. top 5 online stores to buy gifts
  6.  DIY a Christmas gift, and share
  7.  X recipes for ____(snickerdoodle, sugar etc) cookies
  8.  share your favorite Christmas movie
  9. create a Christmas wishlist
  10. Christmas party/NYE party playlist
  11. do a Christmas activity (setting up the tree, hosting a gift exchange), write about it
  12.  favorite holiday meal: why and show recipe
  13. host a holiday giveaway
  14. share the holiday traditions of your culture
  15. favorite places to shop for Christmas decorations
  16. DIY Christmas decorations under ___(price range)
  17. list of ways to give back this season
  18. New Years resolutions
  19.  holiday travel guide
  20. printable advent calendar template


  1. fashion gift guide
  2. x amount of NYE dresses
  3. holiday lookbook
  4. list of must-have ___(coats, sweaters, etc) for the winter
  5. how to style a ____(cardigan, jacket, scarf, etc) X ways
  6.  X trends to try this winter
  7. list of inexpensive ___(sweaters, boots etc.)
  8. where to find cute Christmas clothes (pajamas, sweaters, etc)
  9. luxury clothing haul
  10. shopping directory
  11. outfits to wear on Christmas
  12. X ways to add color to your wardrobe this season
  13. The best accessories of the season
  14. how to have a successful shopping day
  15. traveling for the holidays? create a fashion checklist


  1.  best skincare products for the winter
  2.  beauty gift guide
  3.  NYE makeup tutorial
  4. whats in my bag: Christmas edition
  5.  review a product from a beauty brand’s holiday collection
  6. best hair care products for ___(curly, straight, wavy) hair this winter
  7. Christmas makeup tutorial
  8.  monthly favorites
  9. current beauty obsessions
  10. Protective hairstyles for the winter
  11. update your skincare routine for the winter
  12. DIY a makeup product (eyeshadow, lipgloss, etc)
  13. X hairstyles for Christmas
  14. current beauty sales and offers
  15. do you have a favorite brand? do a brand review!
  16.  holiday GRWM

Check out my other post about lifestyle blog ideas, and my Pinterest board, where I pin new blogging tips every week.

-Kendra Shiloh


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