In order to have a great wardrobe, you need to begin with basic, classic pieces. And yeah, there’s a bunch of trends that turn into wardrobe essentials for the time being, but for today’s post, I’m gonna talk about the classics, the pieces everyone should have.

1.Black Cami: As with everything in this post, you can pair a black cami with anything! I usually wear this with a cardigan, bomber jacket, or one of my oversized denim shirts. You can buy one for $5.99 at H&M here.


2. Turtleneck: preferably a solid color, like black or white. Check out Kohls white turtlenecks here.


3. Denim Jacket: I just bought a new one this spring, and I love it! When I’m not wearing I’m wearing one of my many oversized denim shirts. Macy’s has some really cute ones.


4. Black Dress: I’ve known that this was an essential for a while but every time I looked for one I always bought a dress with color instead. But I have a few now, and I love them! Charlotte Russe is a great place for dresses, check out their black ones here.

5. Crewneck Sweater: these are perfect for any season, I wear crewnecks all year round. H&M has some really cute colors, you can check them out here.


6. Black Jeans: these are a must-have for every style. Its difficult to find a pair that doesn’t fade after two washes, but Venus has some really good ones, they’re my favorite place to buy. I’ve washed my jeans so many times and they haven’t started to fade yet.

7. Light Wash Jeans: These don’t have to be any particular style, but a pair of light wash jeans are great to have. Nordstrom has some great pairs of light wash jeans, as well as other washes and styles.

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8. Plain White Tee: This particular item works well with anything and everything. You can buy one at just about any clothing store.

9. Ankle Boots: these are a favorite of mine for this time of year. As with everything on this list, you can pair ankle boots with just about any outfit. ASOS has a lot of cute options.


10. Flannel: Last on the list, this is a favorite of mine. This item can be worked into just about every trend. I usually buy my flannels from Kohls.

-Kendra Shiloh



  1. quinncove says:

    Loving the post, girl! ❤️


  2. Alexis Ann says:

    great post ✨ your closet isn’t complete without these pieces!

    Liked by 1 person

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