Often times it seems easier to highlight all the things going wrong rather than focusing on what’s going right in your life. Well at least for me it is. So today, I’ve compiled a list of five healthy coping mechanisms, to help assist all of you in your day to day life. By the way, these are in no particular order.

Music- My favorite. There’s a song for everything; every emotion, every situation, every personality. And you can find yourself in an artist, in a song. My advice to you is to create several playlists, for various moods. That way, whenever you’re feeling a certain way you don’t have to search through countless albums and artists to find something to match your mood. To find some of my personal playlists, take a look at my Spotify.

Writing– I love writing, a lot. I really enjoy writing poetry, but any form of writing is a healthy way to express yourself. Often times, problems seem bigger than they are in our minds, and simple writing them down and seeing them on paper helps us to put everything in perspective.

Art- This a broad one. Art takes on many forms, and there’s a lot to explore in this field. A simple sketch can be enough, or maybe painting or anything of the sort can help. I like art on people, but instead of drawing on myself with a pen (which is far from healthy) I do my makeup a lot. I love doing my makeup just for fun in the comfort of my own room, trying out looks I’ll never wear on  a normal day.

Food- All things are good in moderation. With that said, it’s completely fine to eat your favorite comfort food once in a while. And sometimes cooking or baking can help to take your mind off things, because you’re focusing on the food, not the thoughts running through your mind.

Exercising- When I say this, I don’t mean P90X or a crazy workout like that. I’m talking about something simple like jogging, a bike ride, or just simply walking. But if working out is your thing, definitely do it. I’m currently working on a simple, easy workout plan for November, so be sure to subscribe to be notified when I upload it!

-Kendra Russell


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