My daily makeup routine is pretty simple, and that has a lot to do with me “waking up late” being the first step in my routine.

  1. First, I apply a drop of tea tree oil to my face. Tea tree oil is a key part of my skincare routine, and I’m going to post my skincare routine so make sure you subscribe to be notified when I do!
  2. Next, I use LA Girl HD Pro Concealer in the shades Chesnut and Dark Cocoa under my eyes, nose, and chin. View my product review here.
  3. After that, I do my eyebrows. I use a pencil to outline, and a pomade to fill in. Then I go back in with the concealer listed above to conceal my brows.
  4. Sometimes, I’ll go in with a brown eyeshadow on my lid.
  5. I’ll highlight my inner corners and brow bone.
  6. Then I’ll put on mascara. The mascara I use varies each day, but The Beauty Crop has a great waterproof mascara.

That’s about it for my everyday makeup look, my fall makeup look is coming soon!

-Kendra Shiloh


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  1. […] everyone! For today’s post, I wanted talk about a part of my everyday makeup routine, concealing dark circles. I have two different methods of doing this step, and I’m gonna […]


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