One of the most beautiful things life has to offer is the sun. More specifically, the sunrise and sunset. And as you may know, the more vibrant the colors are in a sunrise or sunset, the more pollution there is in that area.  That goes to show how beauty can be found amidst turmoil and destruction.

As a society, we often overlook the good, and pure things in life. And yes, the pure things in life can and will undergo difficult times and destruction. But in the end, the outcome will be something much greater than you can imagine, more than our minds can fathom.

I suppose that is why we tend to look on the negative side of things. Because the bright side is so bright, that we cannot understand or comprehend. And rather than trying to, we focus on what we know. Yes, it’s a great thing to focus on what you know, but it’s an even greater thing to expand our minds and to learn what we don’t.

-Kendra Shiloh


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